Internet Leased Line

Businesses need constant connectivity to communicate and transact over the internet. Shared internet lines along with multiple users accessing simultaneously, can lead to inefficiencies. Internet Leased Line service for enterprises, empowers them with dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed communication and collaboration. As one of the best Internet Leased Line providers in India, we have more than 12,000+ km connectivity throughout India. With high-speed and dedicated Internet Leased Line connections, it is favourable for big as well as small enterprises with constant dependency on the Internet.


Internet Leased Line Advantages

Our Internet Leased Line is an Enterprise grade service which offers dedicated (1:1) Full Duplex Internet bandwidth with committed service levels. This is being offered with 1.44 lakh+ route kilometer of fiber and 1.3 lacs+ distribution access Nodes. Idea’s core on DWDM backbone with redundancy protection coupled with domestic peering with local content providers ensures consistent performance of Internet access to Enterprise customers. Idea is the 1st player to deploy 100 Gbps optical fiber backbone network based on ASON technology which provides high reliability, flexibility and scalability. Offers strong wide peering for domestic and international traffic

Speed : Get business efficiency with high-speed internet connections
Carrier-grade connectivity : Experience carrier grade connectivity
Reach : Access widespread last-mile network to reach your offices across the country
End-to-end service level agreements : End-to-end service level agreements for latency, uptime and packet loss
Web tool : User friendly web interface to manage and monitor performance


The following are Key Features of our Internet Leased Line :-

  • Robust and scalable network
  • Bandwidth option from 2 Mbps to Multiple of Gigs
  • Geo- redundant network with two international gateways
  • Last mile options offered on UBR / Fiber
  • 24*7 service support with centralized NOC
  • Domestic peering with content providers for fast content access

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