Corporate Wifi

ACME Diginet understands the ever-accelerating need for a high-speed reliable internet connection at both big and small organizations. A fast and reliable connection can help an organization achieve fast business growth by boosting employee productivity, increasing customer engagement and optimizing costs by streamlining workflows and business processes.We Control every connection to your corporate network in real time.WiFi access is essential to both employees and guests but network security is a concern for workplaces of all types. Fontech’s WiFi Solution for Workplaces makes it easy for IT teams to implement WPA2-Enterprise and gives them real-time visibility and control of the users and devices accessing the networks.Service providers use ACME Diginet to create quality customer experiences and build better businesses.


Enterprise Control

We provide authorize access to corporate networks in real time.Ensure secure access on the wireless networks of enterprises by implementing and managing WPA2-Enterprise without the need to invest in complex, on-premise infrastructure. Balancing both network security and usability, ACME DiginetControl offers a cutting-edge product for wireless network access security that simplifies the onboarding of devices onto a secure network, giving enterprises the authority over who and what connects to networks in real time. Its intuitive, self-onboarding portal allows employees to configure their devices to access networks as well as simply grant access to corporate guests.

Brilliant corporate wireless access and control, through an easy, secure wireless gateway. Link staff and visitors, to the apps and services that matter, on any device, in any building, city or country.

1. One-time, secure login across any department, building, site, city
2. Secure for home and remote workers
3. Simple login with social media accounts or Google Apps
4. No extra accounts or passwords
5. Tailor the journey, look and feel
6. Add new starters and visitors, and remove leavers easily. No experts involved
7. Quick, easy access for an afternoon, a week, a month - whatever
8. Support bring-your-own-device and choose-your-own-device
9. Deliver business-critical content and real-time employee communications


The following are Key Features of our Corporate Wifi :-

  • Easy implementation of WPA2-Enterprise
  • Real-time troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Simple self-onboarding to free up IT teams
  • Simple but secure Guest WiFi service
  • Painless activation of BYOD policies
  • Compatible with existing infrastructure

ACME is a New Choice and its here to Connect you to Everything that Matters the Most. Its an Experience

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