Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get ACME Diginet ?

For Wireless Broadband Plans: Installation Amount – Rs.5000.
Rs.1000 refundable during the disconnection, once the customer submits ACME Diginet wireless device in perfectly.

What is the delivery time for ACME Diginet service?

Once we receive the booking, one of our team member will call you within 1-3 working days, depending on pending queue of waiting customers to get our service.

Can I disconnect in the middle of the subscription ?

Of course, not! Subscription amount, once paid is non-refundable.So, you have to use your service, until you reach its expiry date. If you disconnect earlier, you will lose your subscription amount.

If I want to disconnect, do I get some kind of refund ?

NO, installation is non-refundable. If you want us to buy back your device while you disconnect, we may agree to pay you 1000 INR provided the device is in perfect working condition and it depends on the situation.

What speed is offered by ACME for its service?

We offer speeds starting from 2Mbps up to 10 Mbps under wireless plans and upto 100Mbps for Fiber Plans. Those are the connection speeds, not the download speeds.

What are the different types of plans offered by ACME ?

There are different kind of plans to meet your requirements. You need to decide yourself, what you exactly need. Just do not choose the smallest plan and repent later about it.

Can I get some discount ?

We would not want to compromise our service or support quality by giving you a false assurance in the name of discount. So, lets not talk about it.

Can I pause my account for some period ?

Yes, you may request us to pause your account as long as you dont have an active subscription. You may do so by emailing to

Is my existing ADSL router going to work with this new connection ?

No! You need a wireless router to turn your premises into a wi-fi space.So, your existing ADSL Router is not going to work.You will need to buy a wireless router only.

Can I change my tariff plan?

You can change your tariff plan only after your current subscription is over and you have to inform us by email before 48-72 hours about the plan upgrade or downgrade. Please email to for any such plan change queries.

Pre Answred Questions

If you do a long term recharge for 5 months upfront, you get 1 month absolutely free! If you do a long term recharge for 10 months upfront, you get 2 months absolutely free!

You can start using the service IMMEDIATELY, post installation and realization of subscription amount, and verification of your KYC documents.

In the event of address change or address provided with us is incorrect; you can update your address by contacting ACME Diginet Care at + 918825208990 or emailing to and submitting a proof of new address.

Static IP is a permanent address given to any internet enabled device such as Web server, mail server, and video surveillance camera. Static IP enables you to communicate with the Internet enabled device over the internet.

We are not responsible for your wi-fi issues at your home or premises. We will simply configure your wireless router and thats all. If you need wi-fi setup done for your home or office, that is a new service all together and we can surely quote you for the same. Please drop an email to


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