Campus Wifi

With the increasing demand for internet access in educational campuses due to evolving standard of education and flexibility offered by the Internet - universities, colleges, educational institutes etc., are keenly stepping forward to setup secured and stable wired or Wi-Fi network campus for their students. As per the current market trend, most of the students like to carry 3-4 devices with them like mobile, tablets, laptops, ipods etc. with them to campus. As these devices devour bandwidth, colleges and universities are struggling hard to keep up with the bandwidth demand.


Wifi Hotspot Solution for Campus

Educational campuses have major requirements of user access control, control over bandwidth consumption, and differentiated policy control for management faculty’s access and student’s access. These campuses with wired and wireless internet access require seamlessly roaming facility to access internet from class room to library to labs and residential areas. Laying complete network with different vendor solution would be very costly effort and difficult to manage while technical issues. Education institutes require cost-efficient comprehensive solution that offers all the advance facilities and features in single platform with single point of contact for technical support.

We enables educational institutes to provide regulated internet access to users in classrooms, libraries and also wifi hotspot access in dorms through extensive bandwidth controls over excessive usage. This ensures a reduction in costs as well as bandwidth consumption. ACME Diginet also ensures that the college campus wifi hotspot network is available for only students, staffs, faculties etc., by allowing authenticated users to access the internet network and avoids malicious login in the network. ACME Diginet offers dynamic package creation feature by which one can easily provide different package for students and faculties as per their need. ACME Diginet also offers the freedom to easily roam from Wi-Fi network to wired network without logging using its login-once feature. ACME Diginet also offers extensive reporting graphical as well as printable format to understand the usage of users.


Our campus WiFi works well because of several benefits that we offer. These include: :-

  • Campus wide deployment of Wireless Network infrastructure. Exhibiting both indoor & outdoor coverage.
  • Students can access high speed internet and university intranet applications in hostels, canteens, playgrounds, with a single sign-on.
  • Strong and proven experience of providing integrated wired and wireless broadband services.

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